Local artist, Angela Edwards creates amazing works – in many media formats.

Currently I define myself as a multidisciplinary artist and designer producing visual narratives using whatever tools I deem necessary that will give volume to my voice. I create what and when I am compelled to do so, as I process the world and events around me.
To varying degrees my process and work, whether fine art or editorial, has grappled with personal concepts of identity, social justice, beauty, adornment, purpose and intent. The resulting statements, artworks and objects each fall somewhere along a vast continuum defining fine art, diary, compelling concept/object, and craftwork.
Mediums I tend to work with include drawing, block printing, painting in watercolor, oils or encaustic, collages and assemblages incorporating personal photography, found objects and curated materials, traditional crafts such as leatherworking, knitting and sewing, as well as using digital technology to create or enhance 2D creations and create 3D printed objects and jewelry.
As an individual I am always learning and evolving, and that carries over into what interests and propells me as an artist. ALTLiAE is a creative playground and collection of artistic explorations that come from it.

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