Written by Spaceyamzz, Editor

We are less than 3 days away from Chreece 3! Yes, the third installment of the Indy Hip-Hop festival is right around the corner! While you’re busy setting your schedule or putting the final touches on your festival look, let me give you some tips for making the most out of the day.

  1. Make a schedule!
    Chreece is a real deal festival,  there are 50+ acts, across 6 venues, in a 12 hour span. There’s a lot to see! To make to most of your time and see the acts you want to see you need to make a schedule. Check out my schedule for example. There’s a convenient tool on Chreece’s website that makes it a breeze.

    Spaceyamzz’s Chreece 3 schedule: 10 pm to 2 am.
  2. Drink water!
    It’s August in Indianapolis, it’s either going to be Hot, Sunny, or a combination of both. To quote Ari Attack: “Drink whatever you want, but balance that out with water.”
  3. Dress comfy with light clothes and tennis shoes
    You’ll either be outside or in a sweaty venue- your best bet for comfort is shorts and t-shirt.  Even something something lightweight and breezy like a tunic is ideal. Whatever you wear on your feet, just make sure it’s good for standing, walking, and dancing  because you’ll be doing a lot of that.
  4. Carry a bag or small backpack
    Last year I picked up some merch from vendors like a No Bad Ideas hat and a cool lapel pin. Luckily, I parked near by so it wasn’t a big deal to drop everything off in my car. I noticed a lot of people with bags or drawstring backpacks and I think that’s a great idea. You can keep you hands free and carry all your stuff.

    Photo courtsey of iStockphoto.com
    Small backpack or drawstring bag is a great way to carry all your stuff.
  5. Bring along some cash
    Between the food, drinks, and the vendors you’ll want to have some cash to spend. Most people can take cards, but cash is always king. There are several ATMs in Fountain Square if  you forget, but you’ll probably have to pay an ATM fee. Skip the hassle and bring some cash!
  6. Don’t forget your phone charger
    If you’re anything like me, your phone is both a cell phone, a camera, a messaging device, a clock and is constantly in your hands. Chreece is scheduled from 2pm to 2am. Unless you’ve got a couple extra batteries laying around I highly recommend a charger. Car charger, portable charger or even a regular wall charger will do it, just make sure you’ve find somewhere to plug it in!
  7. Remember to eat too
    Between all the music, happenings, and drinks you’re going to need to eat. You want to keep up your energy so you can make it to the late night acts, and so you can still drive home later. There are plenty of places to eat in Fountain Square. Mexican food galore, pizza, Alpine food, Greek food, Pub food, and the old stand-by Pure.

    Flyer for Chreece, a hip-hop festival.
  8. Have fun!
    You’re at festival, and you’re supposed to have fun. Chreece is an awesome showcase of the growing Indy’s Hip-Hop scene. So relax, have lots of fun, and take lots of pictures! Make sure to tag them with #chreeceaf so everyone can see them

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