Story by Ari Attack, Editor

Thrifting has been the “cool” thing for me since high school. Really, it was more about why pay top notch for something I can find at Goodwill or (my dearest) Value World? With a little effort and time, designer clothes or styles that are slowly coming back are there – waiting to be picked through.

On Instagram, I happened to follow @naptownthrift. Their pics featured brands and styles that I search for on my own. So, I sent a direct message on IG and set up a time to shop. That was quite new for me.

In April, when I visited, I was super unsure about where I was going. All I knew is it was located in a storage unit in SoBro (South BroadRipple). As I pulled up to the unit, a guy buzzes me in and motions to follow him into the unit.

This person was Aaron, a Butler student, who runs Naptown Thrift. Studying audio production and the music business, he also has a passion for clothes and exclusive finds.

“This began with me and my parents constantly thrifting for vintage sportswear. A lot of it for me,” Aaron said. “We found out there was a demand for it.”

From there, Naptown Thrift was born. Since Aaron is still in school and his parents work full-time, they’re not able to run a retail store just yet. So, storage unit it is.

“We started it in a small closet of a storage unit across Keystone. It caught on with my friends and kept getting bigger and bigger. We kept getting more stuff, and so we moved.” he said.

Moving from one unit, to a double unit to house all their merch.

They’ve even expanded to have women’s clothes, under the Instagram account @missnaptownthrift.

“I meet with people every day, and we’re shipping clothes to people all around the world,” Aaron said. “I like the feel of in here better than online.”

If you’re into personal shopping, this is definitely the spot for you. They don’t house just sports clothes, memorabilia but much more.

“It’s honestly everything – cultural, social event stuff, sports, Indianapolis local event stuff, but also high fashion like Polo, Tommy, Givenchy, Burberry – all from Goodwills, Salvation Armys and Value Worlds around the city,” he said. “We bring the cool stuff to you. We like being diverse and pride ourselves in that.”

With a 3K IG following, the store has a broad reach in the city. Not to mention, Aaron being a student at Butler and being able to spread the word to his friends – Naptown Thrift is making a name for itself as a quite unique thrifting experience.

“Our main demographic that comes through are college-aged kids. So hitting those campuses and spreading the word is really important. Within the Indianapolis area itself, artists hearing about it and saying ‘oh you’re Naptown Thrift?’ it’s crazy because we are just a storage unit. It’s pretty cool how word spreads.”

When I walked through the unit, I was in awe. So much memorabilia. I’m talking NBA Looney Toones collabs, NCAA teams, Reggie Miller and Pacers items and everything I could’ve ever wanted in a storage unit/thrift store. The way the store functions is cool too. Sending a direct message and essentially having a private shopping experience. I felt on a Drake/Migos level that evening.

Aaron and his Naptown Thrift crew don’t plan on just staying in the storage unit. They’ve got plans for more.

“The next step is to open a store front within less than a year. It’s getting to the point where we want to do this as soon as possible. Even if I just have it open for a short period each day and then keep having it by appointment. We’re seeing more people do it, but we want to be the first to open that physical store. We’re Naptown Thrift and we were doing it first for the city.”

And they have a Space Jam section. A whole section dedicated to Space Jam! Let that marinate. Follow them on Instagram at @naptownthrift and @missnaptownthrift and schedule your appointment!