Story by Ari Attack, Editor

Local fashion innovators SarahJinthecity and Kandis Isom, also known as Fashion Forward, created a beautiful event honoring the timeless beauty and essence of black women. The idea began on a whim.

“Kandis and I were out to lunch and were taking about how black girl magic has really become a movement. And were like, ‘we should do a show,'” SarahJ said. “We wanted to highlight the black girl magic before us. Women back then don’t get as much play as women do now. It’s showing the majesticness of black women, then and now.”

Doors open at 6p on February 26th at The Tube Factory. Show starts at 7p.

This show will serve as a celebration. Black Girl Magestic will feature three segments; “Don’t Touch My Hair,” which is all about hair – a major part of being a black woman. The hair segment will cover locs, up-dos, to barrettes, etc. Second segment showcases how black women are in every culture. An “I’m every woman-esque” feature.

“That segment will show the black woman is from Asia, Africa, Cuba, and mixing in the new age black woman. So she’s a hipster, she’s a nerd, she’s a punk rocker,” SarahJ said.

The third segment is all about being a queen.

“This segment will show regal looks and different interpretations of those looks. And how we reign – I mean, its a fact,” SarahJ laughed. “At the beginning there’s going to be a jewelry making station, a talk where we talk about what black girl magic is.”

Along with all the magic, there’s also going to be VIP and a bar. This event is open to children and families.

“A lot of times, we (black women) get pushed to the back burner. Not everything about  us is melancholy,” SarahJ said. “We are to be celebrated, lifted up and we’re to lift each other up.”

Fashion Forward, started in 2013 – with seven girls. The first show the team planned was a big deal, but due to fear everyone but Kandis and SarahJ quit. Since the two are best friends, they took the idea into their own hands and ran with it. The mission of Fashion Forward is to showcase local artists and local fashion and make it more community oriented.

SarahJ, aka a “black girl magician,” because she loves and embraces creative concepts. Which a little bit of everything goes into that. With the scenery, clothes and all other pieces of the whole concept – there’s many pieces to the pie. As a fashion director and styles, she’s not a personal stylist – because she doesn’t want to change them.

“What inspired me for this show is my passion for Black women and Black culture. I just love us so much! From our style, to our hair, our untouched body language (that only the sistah’s get),” Kandis said. “Our drive passion, and boss lady mentality is unmatched. We are really magical.”

Kandis, co-owner of Fashion Forward, spent a year in New York and was embraced by black women from all over the world. This served as a huge inspiration for this show.

“As an artist, my background is very invoking and connected. Every project I put out is about stirring an emotion and creating an experience,” she said. “Strap up! You’re definitely in for a treat. And you don’t have to be a black woman to support Black women. We want the house packed with every gender, race and creed!”