Story by Ari Attack, Editor

Recently, there was a post on Facebook exposing local hate speech on flyers at IUPUI campus. The flyers featured anti-immigrant and anti-LGBTQ statements, and slogans like, “without borders, we have no country,” and “it’s not about rights, it’s about health risks.” These extremely ignorant and disgusting statements were on flyers posted around campus, titled “Hate Facts.”

Seriously, what a disgrace.

According to a graduate student at IUPUI, the photos were reported to the University Police – but didn’t receive a response due to no property damage being involved. The student also posted the flyers on Facebook, tagging IUPUI, IUPUI LGBTQ and MultiCultural Centers, after they were made aware of the posters existence.

“Posters like these have shown up on campus before. White supremacy posters on campus made the news just a few months ago. And last year a group specifically targeted a Muslim student on campus. I don’t know who is behind the posters, or if it’s the same organization,” the student said. “With recent implementation of the Executive Order on Immigration, these sorts of fliers beg whether or not IUPUI will recognize itself as a Sanctuary Campus for students of undocumented status.”

“I would like for IUPUI–and specifically for Chancellor Paydar–to publicly denounce the factually inaccurate information being distributed on these hate fliers across our campus, and to fortify IU values of student equity, inclusion, and safety. While University spaces should promote the free and open exchange of thoughts and ideas, there is a clear delineation between freedom of speech and speech with the potential to incite violence, discrimination, and hate toward already marginalized members of our campus community. In the past two years alone, there have been numerous occasions for IUPUI to publicly speak out against the distribution of discriminatory, hateful rhetoric on campus, and each time the student community has been left wondering when Administration would step in. A shout out on Twitter is not enough to protect students.”

With the recent decisions by newest leader of the free world to exclude other citizens of the world from the U.S., situations like this only raise the question regarding safety for those marginalized groups. Especially when campus police only responds to property damage. This type of speech is inexcusable.

Following the executive order, IU President, Michael A McRobbie released a statement on behalf of the university.

“IU’s educational, research and service missions are inextricably bound with the rest of the world and rooted in a belief in the ever-increasing value of international literacy and experience. This is why we urge the administration to end this executive order, which threatens to disrupt these missions, as quickly as possible. We also would encourage the administration to make it clear to the rest of the world that our nation’s colleges and universities will continue to open their doors to the best and brightest scholars and researchers who, through their teaching, discoveries and innovations, play a vital role in enhancing our nation’s economic competitiveness and prosperity.”

Looks like we’ve got a long road ahead.