By Ari Attack, Editor

This week, we’ve featured a local rapper who’s introspective lyrics and artistry is blazing through the local scene like wildfire.

Kyro the Artist

aa: How long have you been making music? Did it start with hip-hop?

k: I’ve been making music, technically, since middle school. I downloaded a free trial of FL Studio which was called fruity loops back then . And originally I wanted to be a producer. I used to make beats all day long. However when I was in elementary school , my brother , my friend Shawn and I formed in a rap group called SMK which stood for the first initials of all our names . My older cousin brought our group to Ball State where she was attending school and we performed one of our songs at a talent showcase . We got a standing ovation and people wanted us to sign autographs after the show (which is hilarious to me now) So my start in music always started with hip-hop. Back then we wanted to be like Cash Money and the Hot Boyz so it was a little different than what I talk about now. So that moment definitely sparked my interest but I didn’t officially start creating my own music until my middle school years.

aa: Are you an Indy native?

k: Yes I’m an Indy native . I grew up on the east-side by Arlington high school then moved north east towards Castleton area. But yeah, I’ve been here all my life.

aa: What inspired your latest album? What are some of your music inspirations?

k: My latest album is inspired by pain, frustration, love, & life lessons over the course of my years on this earth. This album sonically is inspired by those same things which is why overall the album has a dark yet sentimental feel to it. I unintentionally made it sound the way it did . In the beginning, I only had a rough idea of what the album would be about but from that point I just made music that came from the heart and the concepts and musicality of the project started to develop itself .

My musical inspirations are Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Kdot, J cole, 3 stacks, India Arie, Music Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton, D’Angelo, etc.. the list goes on but pretty much any legendary hip-hop artist and neosoul legend is what drives my musical creativity. I love hip hop and soul music.

aa: What do you want listeners to take from your album?

k: This album is all about showing people the unique experience of black life in America from a universally black perspective . So it’s not coming from your typical, “dad left, mom struggled and I had to hustle” perspective. It’s based on what EVERYONE who is black in this country has experienced one way or the other. I was very particular about the topics I would speak on and I just wrote towards those particular concepts until the story and my message was fully developed. SO I cover the topics of , Self Hate/Self Love, Systematic Oppression, Constant negative influences, Losing family/friends to the prison system, violence & drugs, The fear a parent has of their child getting caught up in the negative activities in their community, the fear most of us have when dealing with racism and The talk most parents have with their child about being black and what to be aware of because of that. So it covers a lot of what we as black people automatically have to deal with on a daily basis. It took two years of writing /recording and a lifetime of experiences to create it.

aa: Are there upcoming events we can plug for our readers to catch you at?

k: I will be performing at the White Rabbit in Fountain Square in an event called VOCAB. I’m one of the featured artists at this open mic event and I’m super excited.

aa: Anything else you want our readers to know?

k: Also I’m recruiting people who love to rock their natural hair for my “Nappy” music video . I won’t start shooting this until I get enough people on board with it. So hopefully within the next month or so. So hit me up on my social media if you’re interested. I’m looking for people who are serious about knocking this video out with me. If that person is you hit me up.

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