by ari attack, editor

Josie Hunkler, creator of Rabble Coffee is nothing short of magic. At 24, she runs this place from open to close with the help of her newly acquired Rabble family.

It’s been a long journey for the coffee curator, and she’s taking life one step at a time.

“Who is Josie,” she asked? “Right now, she’s Rabble. Fuck everything else.”

Located at 2119 E 10th St – the coffee shop serves as a neighborhood oasis. Josie’s goal is to be a place for people to go, especially when they don’t have anywhere else to just ‘be.’

Rabble’s insides.

“The whole point is to have a place to go. I just needed a place to be. It’s free,” Josie said. “It’s ridiculous to me that you have to pay money to take up space in the world.”

Opened in Aug 2015, Rabble came to 10th street as a community coffee shop, but also a specialty shop.

“When it comes to community coffee shop  – my sister and brother-in-law said ‘hey, put it in our neighborhood!’ since they’ve lived here for almost 15 years,” she said.

Rabble has three different types of brewing methods: drip coffee, espresso and cold brew. Their roaster, Tinker, provides lots of amazing coffee product for the shop. Josie doesn’t want to be too complicated, for some guests, it’s the first time they’ve stepped into a coffee shop.

“I’m in a unique position to impact the culture of our neighborhood. Everything’s in flux,” she said. “With little steps at a time, we’re creating a safe, representative community environment.”

The Rabble crew

Since she was 15, Josie’s goal was to run a coffee shop. The Lafayette native, started out as a barista at a Turkish coffee shop at Purdue. She lied about her age to start working there.

“I knew I loved it, I like moving around quickly,” she said. “I was searching for the perfect combo – working with my hands, being social and learning the local culture.”

From there she moved to Bloomington, Ind. to attend Indiana University – but also gain more coffee experience. She worked at The Pourhouse Cafe, which according to Josie – was pretty well run.

“I learned how to be a good boss,” she said.

Recently, Rabble just started selling breakfast and lunch. Meals that will be enough to sustain patrons, especially when dealing with issues like living in a food desert. For $5, a healthy, plant-based breakfast or lunch burrito is available – starting this month.

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