Story by Ari Attack, Editor

Sean Pettigrew followed his grandfathers words, to make sure he maintains a successful life.

“He always said, ‘Do what makes you happy – even if it pisses everyone else off,” Pettigrew said.

This 26-year-old interior designer’s business, Visions by Jay, transforms rooms to create a more functional lifestyle for his clients. It all started as a hobby.

“Everyone has always loved how I decorated my own house. People said, ‘You should do this for a living.’,” he said. “I did more research, picked it up as a hobby at first. But, I want it to be my full time job.”

Visions by Jay started in Fall 2015, as an idea Sean bounced off his neighbor at work and gained encouragement to start the journey. This neighbor served as a motivator and spiritual guide.

“It’s an outlet for me. When I go transition someones home, it’s like having your own happy place,” he said. “I’m not worried about a bill or anything – just how creative I can be with this room. Whatever’s on my mind, I can put my all into that. That’s when my best projects come out.”

Client consultations from Visions By Jay are more affordable than other interior design companies, starting a $25, meeting the need of the client. Fulfilling the “ideal” and the “likes” for both of their visions to come together.

“My job is to take your thoughts and put them into perspective and collaborate from there. If it’s their vision, then I can make it come together,” he said. “Let’s see how we can make this work. Some people say, ‘I want that black mirror, that table and that picture.’ So I go shopping with the client and shoot them different ideas – to keep them included.”

Transforming room for Sean is like shared therapy between him and the client. Each person has to be accepting of feedback. According to Pettigrew, clients have been reluctant but willing to transform their personal items but trust the vision.

“One client had a bed from her great-grandmother and wanted that to be the main focus. So, I did a Victorian/English style design. The client said, ‘I didn’t think you were going to let me keep the bed.’ Other interior designers had told her to get rid of it. If anything I’m going to design around it,” he said.

“You tell me what you want and it’s my job to hold it together.”

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