Written by Yale Bowman, Staff Writer

I frequently give away and sell advice that should put my whole industry out of business. And there is one reason that has not happened; human nature persists. I give these hints out freely because most of the answers I have are so incredibly simple, but few slow down enough to observe and make use them. In a fast paced society, being present is truly a most difficult task. This is especially true in a modern world which is high yield in both fear and luxury/convenience.

Not all intuitive guidance is hanging in some etheric fold, much of it lays within the finely tuned processes of the human body and psyche, within the mechanics of nature and human nature itself. I have learned as much about things like death, ego, transmutation, and success through observation as I have through divination tools and channeled guidance. When you observe the mechanics behind such natural forces, you can create the proper circumstances for positive growth and liberation, and direct others to do this as well. I can confidently say I tend to practice and make use of everything I discuss with and suggest for others, and one of the most simple and dumbfounding pieces of advice, yet the most useful, tends to be the hardest for most of us human beings to continuously grasp and apply. Being present. The present moment is a dream within a dream, and much of human kind tends to usher it away as quickly as it dawns upon our awareness.

I very often tell people to be present, but as a business owner (on a strictly financial level) this is technically foolish, because if everyone remained present continuously there would be less injury, fewer illnesses, virtually no depression or aggression, and I would be out of a job. As a psychic and healer I help people find answers and create new ways of thinking/feeling, but I freely admit that a consistently present mind negates the need for 80-90% of the services I provide. Why? Because many questions I am asked are truly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and many modern illnesses/ailments are further worsened by stress or self destructive behavior, if not (in some cases) self-induced entirely (directly or indirectly). Much of the time my answers ultimately make no difference, and the outcome doesn’t change, or doesn’t change by much. The answer itself becomes piece of mind and hope, but it really changes almost nothing. This is the exact reason why less reputable psychics can exploit people, as there is a huge draw in this relief and people will pay large sums of money to obtain it. Especially when a manipulative psychic or con artist deliberately and underhandedly raises the pressure and urgency attached to these answers. They increase the desire, and therefore the price and/or the person’s willingness to pay.

I try to do the opposite of this. I will answer a question which makes no difference, but I will ask my clients to focus their attention on the more integral forces which are at play.  On the real learning experience. On the real growth. I want my clients to feel liberated. I am not saying that I can’t give very accurate predictions, but most times my clients will experience both their good and bad fortune whether they speak with me or not, as our fortune and experiences are tied to our own versions of reality, and whether we choose to change/how choose to arrange them. Some of us are more reluctant to do this than others. Stress, guilt, shame, anxiety, anger; these are often the real ailments, and when we change our mindsets, then our actions, the body tends to follows suit.

When we as people are more bravely proactive, we experience better results than when we wait for life to happen to us. We don’t always get some huge sign from our higher power, some of the biggest decisions are made on not just faith alone, but through persistent self-confidence. Through knowing the innermost desires of the body, mind, and soul. In my ideal world, all of my current clients learn to be self sufficient in managing their own energies, thoughts, emotions, and gifts, and no longer need me. Their ever present minds would present to them most of the answers and solutions, which is ironically the way in which I strive to produce answers and solutions for them; by looking at the situation with new and objective eyes. With eyes rooted in the present moment, referencing glimpses of the past and the future (near and distant). Intuition and spiritual guidance is in the tiniest of details, on the most subtle levels of existence, as this is where energies both breed and live. If you look there, you can see anything and everything. All space and time converges in the present moment (past, present, and future). A mind continuously present down to these subtle levels of existence has access to an array of the most potent and useful spiritual gifts that the universe has to offer, while still being able to make use of the gifts each day and moment has to offer. This can take a lifetime of practice and realization, sometimes even more.

This brings me to a very important paradox; the paradox that exists within the present moment. Harnessed correctly, it breeds sweeping change and abundance beyond our wildest dreams. When the balance is tipped, we either do too much or not enough, and both of these approaches push us farther from our goals. Watered down, this is not just the difference between being lazy, and being over eager. It is also an emotional balance. Being present does not mean being lazy or careless. When we are lazy/careless we have no respect for time, it slips away, and we achieve nothing. But being present surely does not mean being overeager or over-invested either. When we are overeager, we breed anxiousness and anticipation, which is rooted in the future, and we as a result have less present moment impact. Our thoughts and minds are riddled with the maybe’s, what if’s, and will be’s. We risk delaying our goals, we increase the demand on time, and it continues to further slip away. Sometimes even faster than when we were lazy. We either do too much and achieve very little in comparison, or what we do achieve comes at a high energetic price. Both are unsustainable long-term.

So what is being present? In its essence it is honoring the moment. It is releasing the pain, shame, and suffering of the past, as well as all those thoughts that come with it. It is better to use the past as your reference, not as your rulebook.  Being present is also blocking out worries, ego interference, fears, and anticipation. You keep the destination in sight, but stick to your current signposts. We hold a space for our goals and dreams, not a race. And so like anyone enjoying the ride, we tend to notice less of the struggle as we cover the distance. And so there is, in turn, less struggle to be had. Ideally, we don’t even notice the distance. Whether the distance from here to there or the work involved changes, it does not truly matter. What matters is that a mindset in the present is free of expectation, and much freer from pressure and urgency, freer of expectation. The threat of failure ceases to exist, and so does its hold. We then work more productively, and less strenuously, because a good portion of urgent time-frames are self imposed.

You may not agree with this at first, but most of us impose highly detrimental “silent expectations”. These include: “I should be like them, they should be like me, I will be married by then, I was/am supposed to find love before now/this specific time of my life/before I die, everything is always fair/unfair, everyone should be like me, I am not good enough, I am the best, I am the worst, I don’t fit in here, I’ll never understand, they will never understand, I am unlovable, I am perfect, this was never supposed to happen, things out of my control were meant to go a certain way, etc.” and the list goes on.

Silent expectations are the silent killers of progress. They are the stealth ninjas of the ego domain. They catch us in moments of intense desire, or while we feel uncertainty and weakness, and they wreak havoc on our psyche. Now, I return to observation as illumination. The ego rarely, if ever, functions in the present moment. So, when we hear its influence, we know automatically that we are either filtering our reality through a prior experience/trauma, or through an expectation/anticipation rooted in the future. Sometimes we do both of these simultaneously, “They will treat me like everyone else always has.” Generalized statements are generally lies as they say, especially when dealing with ones self (or others) and the ego. We as humans like to generalize ourselves right into an iron box, where we “can’t” grow. At that point we must change. I spent many years of my own life convincing myself of things that weren’t true, only to realize they were lies and untruths fed by past fears, traumas, and baggage, or influenced by an idealized or unrealistic vision of the future. I created a reality in which the past repeated itself and the future was unapproachable and fearful.  This happens to be one of the truest definitions of suffering, for this mindset and others like it are the breeding ground of most, if not all suffering. In truth, much of what we are upset about is upsetting because we consciously or subconsciously intended not to experience it in the first place, and maybe now we aren’t so sure what the future now holds as a result.

A mindset rooted firmly in the present robs expectations of their power, and allows us to jailbreak our existence. We no longer must act on behalf of the puppet-like strings of the human ego, of a self-imposed and limiting reality. We instead observe, evaluate, and react in REAL TIME. We optimize the use of our time and energy because our mind is clear, and unclouded by past trauma or future anticipation. As discussed, these two poisons frequently intermingle to create a greater and more all-encompassing poison rooted in expectation (i.e. ”I’ve never been successful and never will be”).

So, if you asked for my best piece of free advice as a psychic, a psychonaut, a shaman, and a healer, or even just as a normal guy, I would tell you to be present. There, you have the tools to heal anything, do anything, learn anything, create anything, know anything, grow anything, live joyfully, and be content. Contentedness, unlike the ego, ONLY exists within the present. As soon as you cross the line from contentedness to boredom, you have left the here and now for thinking/feeling rooted in the past and/or the future, and you then return to an existence based on expectations. Don’t make finite your infinite world.

The present is a place for action, persistence, pleasure, resilience, growth, realization, and so much more, but it cannot be chained down by the past experiences or trauma, future anticipation and desire, or by any mixture of these compounds. We need to appreciate instead what we can do today, accomplish today, be today, learn today, and expand upon today, and right now! Even if it isn’t much. Contentedness and fulfillment are not produced by superhuman manifestation, they are produced through superhuman appreciation. If you cannot accomplish much at one given moment, the next best move is to appreciate it fully, in whatever form it exists. “Good” and “bad” are relative, so rejoice in the pleasures of life as you let its pains instruct you on your journey and approach. Never be afraid to do something differently; the present moment is unfixed and forever in flux. So are you.

My name is Yale Bowman, and I was born and raised in Indianapolis. I work full time as a psychic medium, a non-denominationally ordained spiritual counselor, and as a Shamanic and Energetic Healer. I work with clients in-person and by phone or internet, locally and internationally. For more about my work, additional writings and articles, or to inquire about or book for my services, you can make use of the information provided below. I regularly post articles and daily readings, and to view these posts you can follow the links to my social media accounts.”


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