by ari attack, editor

2018 marks a new addition to Indianapolis public transit, which is the construction of the Red Line. With the promise to transport riders from Broad Ripple through Downtown Indy to University of Indianapolis. Buses will leave every ten minutes, and is set to go 20 hours a day/seven days a week.

Improving the quality of public transit is incredibly important to a city constructed around having a car. Not to mention, so many people who need more reliable public transit. Indianapolis is a major U.S. city, and the public transit system should fit it’s residents. Sadly, if you don’t live in a central area – it’s more difficult to access public transit.

According to the Project Overview on the website, this is “phase 1” of the construction.

Currently, the construction is happening on Meridian for the Red Line. It’s the perfect time to be in the know and stay informed on what’s happening. Here’s a link to information meetings on the Red Line. They’re happening around the city from now until early February.