by Spaceyamzz, Editor

At the end of November, the Indiana State Attorney General, Curtis Hill, declared that CBD Oil is Illegal in the state of Indiana. Exactly a week later, Governor Holcomb announced that any retailers selling CBD Oil containing THC, have 60 days to remove the product from shelves.

So, is CBD Oil without THC is still legal?

Are you ask confused as I am?

To quote the Indy Star writer Shari Rudavasky:

“While some states have opted to legalize cannabis — either for medical or recreational purposes — Indiana has reversed its stance on CBD oil repeatedly. Last spring after Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a law establishing a registry allowing those with treatment-resistant epilepsy to use the product without fear of prosecution, excise police seized the oil from the shelves of retailers.

Then, the state decided that the substance would be considered legal as long as it had less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. Late last month, the state reversed that decision, saying that CBD oil that contains THC will be considered illegal.”

The statement from the Attorney General saying the CBD Oil is illegal, is literally just a statement. The Attorney General DOES NOT make the laws, interprets the law. The laws in Indiana are made General Assembly, boy do they have quiet a year in front in of them. Why Indiana’s upcoming legislative session could wild one .


Stayed tuned to FAF in 2018. We’ll definitely keep an eye on this story as it unfolds.