By Ari Attack, Editor

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett has plans for a new jail in the city. Calling it a “justice campus,” this new institution’s new budget includes $650 million, and is to be placed in the Twin Aires neighborhood.

The Criminal Justice Reform Task Force (CJRT) Report released in Dec of last year, recommended this new jail. Indianapolis City-County Council votes this summer on if financing will be approved.

CJRT indicated a “new justice campus” will include mental health facility and any civilians arrested suffering with mental illness will be directed there. Doesn’t sound legit to me. CJRT also pushes for officers be trained in mental health (CIT) and mobile crisis units be used.

We cannot let this happen. No New Jail Coalition, a group of local activists are working hard to fight this effort.

Their mission, The No New Jail Coalition does not want a new jail in Marion County. We want the resources proposed for the new ‘Justice Campus’ to be used for supportive services and programs, independent of the criminal justice system, for marginalized individuals throughout Marion County.” 

NNJC “believes in the power of community members to create a city that opens opportunity to all, where all people have the resources they need to live, thrive and contribute to their world.

Meetings every Tuesday at the John H. Boner Community Center at 2236 E 10th St, from 5:30 to 7p. Use your voice for change in your community!

Also, check their  Facebook page for more info.