by ari attack, editor

so – instead of a grocery store in a major food desert, a brewery is opening in the Butler-Tarkington area. specifically on 38th and Illinois. sickening!

this is more than troubling, it’s a slap in the face of many residents who have to depend on Family Dollar for groceries – if they’re not mobile.

i moved to the 38th and Meridian area a few months ago, but as an Indy native – i’m very familiar with the neighborhood. my grandmother moved to the area in the 50’s, so family legacy lies there – like many other black Indy natives.

of course, the neighborhood has changed a lot since then. but it’s even changed a lot since 2015, when i moved back to Indy from Evansville. there, i lived in a food desert but wasn’t as aware why the black neighborhoods didn’t have quality stores – but quickie marts and dollar stores.

now, i see the same things happening here.

slowly, the displacement begins.

i read once, the revitalization of this neighborhood is to bring life and commerce to local businesses. providing jobs that will eventually give power back to the residents to then funnel funds back into local housing. so neighbors can maintain their own neighborhoods.

but that sounds like one big lie, because i know Happy Brewing Company isn’t hiring from the neighborhood. they will hire the kinds of people that look nothing like the neighbors, and surrounding community.

meanwhile, residents are still struggling with healthy food options in the area.

the brewery opens soon, apparently at the end of Aug.

this is the beginning of a genocide.