by Yale Bowman, Staff Writer

Sun Dances over me,
I am Cascades of Clear Water,
Wrapped in Olive Branches and love songs
White Doves sing

You are the beauty of this Earth Star, Weeping Willows water me
With the incandescent Indifference of Earth’s Star-Shine

Hot to cold and in Between,
A Cosmic All-Encompassing of the Heart, Soul, Body-Mind
All is Intertwined

As the wondrous Webs we weave waiver in Wet Wanderlust, such a Wild Woman wants not for Wedding Bells
We are pausing, as potent and proprietary Peacefulness ensues

And Oh, with such Potential…


Your touch is like the sweetest Poison,
Seething through my Bones.
I’ve never known true Happiness unless I’m strung up by my Toes

Your words are Wealth, while mine decline with every vowel and consonant we speak
We can match forces, hits, blows for blows…
Echoed hollowed hits below the Belt nobody knows

I’m unimpressed, here comes another lecture I can Tell
How would you compare when there’s nothing left to quell?
This ain’t no quiet Storm raging in the confines of my Well, this is every day Hell, just a story I retell

I can’t take it back.