Briana Olivares, FAF Contributer

Desired to turn down a side road
Where I could be the only human
Beautiful bluffs and
Sand grasses turn pathways of
Native geographies and
How they shape us.
Burrowing feet in the pebbles and
Ice water washing up my calves
Sun-kissed hair.
Letting the elements wear me
into something different
(as if we have a choice)

Driving to get away,
Shredding layers
Exploring old roads where
Trees arch over
Transforming to yellow,
Their dryness swarmed in
a muzzle of bees.
Deciding not to name certain
Things today.
Just to sit and disappear.

Feeling the tug of both – the want to totally dissolve and
The want to be in it,

It is not a pair of opposites playing but a vortex of multitudes.
Silence to the critic.
Try to make open love not so

The angle of the sun is changing,
Will not say I like it less
Or more
Than before.
Just as it is now
Here again