by Yale Bowman, Staff Writer

Mud rests, abbetted..

Speaking slow to grow and prosper

I won’t miss the mile-mark

I travel on caterpillar’s feet,

But stand safely inside a chimneys nest

Still, naturally, I chase the wind again

How can it be, world?

So many lost cause tributes, carefully left in a snowbank

But there’s still Quartz-hot warmth for fun

Its better to remember…

For now

My name is Yale Bowman, I was born and raised in Indianapolis. I work full time as a psychic medium, a spiritual counselor, and as a Shaman and Energetic Healer. I work with clients in-person and by phone or internet, locally and internationally. For more about my work, additional writings and articles, or to inquire about or book for my services, you can make use of the information provided below. I regularly post articles and daily readings, and to view these posts you can follow the links to my social media accounts and website.”

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