by ari attack, editor

this morning, i felt.

this morning,

i remembered you used me up.

e r a s e d  m e

like an etch a sketch

cut me, precise

with toddler scissors

opened me,

painted ur portrait on my rib cage

and crushed it.


this morning,

i saw you online.

looked in ur eyes

and couldn’t recognize.

i remembered when my favorite album came

out and we listened and sang

voices intertwined like legs.


this morning,

i remembered when you said all that dumb bullshit people say

when they’re all fucked up on life and in love.


this morning,

i heard you stole my pose at ur latest event

and i heard you traded my heart for

gameboy advance games and a canvas.


this morning,

i remind myself that it’s ok to hurt

but important to heal

bruised but reminded.

LSD bound, my muse.

blindsided and alone,

i feel better now.