by ariattack, editor

For our latest style interview, we talked fashion and coolness with local fashion guru, SarahJinthecity.

aa: What was your favorite look this summer? Who/what inspired that?

sj: Kimonos, romantic red, grunge and graphic tees.
Definitely inspired by European street style.

aa: Who’s your biggest style inspo, in general?
sj: Hmmmm, it’s always changing!
Tracee Ellis Ross, is always stunning, and so feminine. Janelle Monaé and Erykah Badu because of their Versatility, individuality and androgynous looks. Solange for her innovative retro glam.

aa: What was your favorite festival/concert wear of this summer? What concerts did you check out/what was the look? (*if you could include pics of the look, that’d be rad.)

Sarah’s festival look

sj: This summer I fell back in love with the color red, and I’m a way it was sort of beckoning the aura of love. Self Love.
So roses on everything, and distressed denim, also black sheer pieces were my favorite. My best concert experience of the summer was Solange at The Roots Picnic in Philly.
Her album, ” A Seat at the Table” was a gateway album of me reconnecting with my worth and love for myself again.
I wore a black sheer dress, with Red roses all over it. My hair was in luscious jumbo braids. I wore a red lip, and a hunter green wide brimmed hat.

aa: Where are cool places for people in Indy to shop for affordable style? Do you thrift?

sj: I live by thrifting. I love it! I get so much inspiration from the thrift store, my favorites are Queen Bee Vintage, Value World, City Thrift. If you can get to Chicago or the East Coast, the Buffalo Exchange.

aa: What’s the fly look for fall 2017? How do you decide what the look/vibe of the season will be?
sj: Last fall I was driven by the 70s. This fall, I’m embracing my femininity.
It really all depends on where I am in life and how I want to feel, this is my last year of my 20s and I want to grow my wardrobe up a little bit, but also be minimal.
So my vibe is rose quartz with a sharp edge. I want to pull of effortless sexy.
I tend to go for a feminine /androgynous look. I will carry that throughout each season in a different way.

aa: What are you thinking when picking out your summer/fall looks?

sj: For summer, I feel so flirty, I want to keep it cool and be comfortable, I appreciate dresses,distressed denim and cool ass T-shirts. I love simplicity in the summer. The only difference with Fall is adding on dramatic layers.
Fall is where you can really shine in style, it’s really about assembling the perfect outfit, with the perfect layers and details.

Everyone needs a cape, right?

aa: Any body posi style tips for finding that “right” look?

sj: Confidence is number one. And going with your gut. Also, finding your fit! You should be comfortable in your clothes and in your own skin. I appreciate the ability to be an individual without fear.
Who cares what’s on trend? I feel like people look best when they dive into their individuality.
When you fall in love with yourself you can fully develop in style.

aa: Also, if there’s anything you’re wanting to add? Or anything else you want our readers to know, or look out for?

sj: Please lookout for the #BlackMenAreLit Fashion Showcase, Oct 14th. Details coming soon. Follow @sarahjinthecity and @fashionforwardindy for details and updates.