Story by: Zuri Ali, Staff Writer

Myself and Karl in Fountain Square
Myself (wearing FLS clothing) and Karl in Fountain Square

Last month I had the honor to sit down with Karl, the sole creator of the streetwear line, Fortunate LifeStyle. Karl always felt that he was eclectic and wanted to express himself through art. Having a cousin in New York with his own clothing line influenced him [Karl] to the marvelous creation of apparel. In 2011 Karl collaborated with Fazle and a few other classmates to start the line’s legacy with ideas. As time went on a grey crew neck with LifeStyle was created in 2013. Creating the logo had it’s journey. Starting with the color pink and filled with shapes FLS needed something more powerful and symbolic; that’s where the Ankh took into place but as time decreased a pyramid was idea. As Karl balances everything on his shoulders FLS had the pleasure of sponsoring Tosheem who’s collaborated and is being mentored by Wiz Khalifa. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of the FLS brand! Make sure you stay connected and shop the products linked below.


The artist that would wear this brand:
Wiz Khalifa, Joey Bada$$, and A$AP Rocky

Clothing inspiration:
Supreme – Because of their impressive branding

If clothing could play it’s own music:
Wale, Rick Ross, Tyga

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